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    Many parts of the world don't have reliable maps. Which can be essential in times of disaster relief. With the smartphone app Mapswipe, you can help us create accurate maps from satellite images by just swiping and marking roads and buildings etc. It's incredibly easy and quick. And actually fun to do if you've got a few spare moments. And these maps have the potential to save lives.
    This app has been created by Humanitarian organisations with the Missing Maps project, whose aim is to add the much needed new information into Open Street Maps. Which is a crowd sourced map of the world that is freely available for everyone.

    You can also contribute to the exact mapping data on your PC
    Missing Maps
    I'm just a volunteer and have already mapped hundreds of square kilometres and found thousands of items on the satellite images. But I'm sure some of you here are very enthusiastic, and will overtake me in no time.

    Get the app and start helping today
    MapSwipe | Every swipe helps put families on the map
    Then spread the word. And let us know here about your experiences. And if you have beaten my high score!
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