Help time laps and DIY controller.

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    So let me see if I can explain this with making sense.

    Konova slider with motor
    custom controller box

    I bought a time lapse entry kit from konova. unfortunately this kit didn't have a go-stop-go function for nighttime TL. So I made one. IT WORKS! The board allows me specify how long in seconds the motor with run and then specify how long to turn off.

    My issue is, if I set the GH4 to take a photo, lets say every 2 seconds, and have the controller set to go on and off for 1 sec each(2sec), the chances of my starting these exactly at the sometime is rare. if I do a long TL, the GH4 and the controller with be out of sync at some point. So what I'm asking is, what should the controller be set to to allow the inaccuracy of my starting them at the same time. I'm hoping I'm make some sense here.

    Thanks for the help.