Help needed ASAP - Pana G1


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Jun 1, 2010
On mine the two numbers don't seem to bear any relation to each other, though I might be looking at the wrong thing.


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Jan 2, 2010
My Panasonic G1 got stolen just before Christmas while I was riding the bus. I was devastated because I had my new 20mm on it which I bought this summer.

I had great patience and search for it on the internet should “new owner” decides to sell it.

A few days after the New Year while I was searching classifieds, internet forums, and sites similar to Craigslist. I've found one user selling blue Panasonic G1 with the same memory card I lost my with. Meanwhile I went to the police and reported everything. Detailed description of how and where it happened, including serial numbers, detailed description of the camera and lens. Later I told them how I’m having doubts about this one guy selling one camera exactly as my stolen one. There is not much Panasonic G1’s here on the market, especially not blue ones, let alone bundled with Panasonic 20mm.

I told the police my plan.

Plan was I will pretend I am interested and inexperienced buyer wanting to buy his (mine) Panasonic G1. I met with the guy and pretended I did not know anything about the camera. I asked the guy where the power on/off button is, even took few “test” shots with it.

He had an opportunity to give his whole fake story about how he did not have the battery charger (because I had it at home :D ), where he got the camera and how he marked the battery. I knew I marked that battery and put that sticker on it and wrote number “1” on the battery so I could distinguish it from the two batteries I had.
You should see the guys face when I told him “OK and now tell me the truth” and mentioned police and everything.
I know this sounds quite unbelievable but I got my camera back :)


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Nov 15, 2010
I imagine giving him the choice between handing it over now or handing it over an arrest and a trial must have been pretty satisfying. Very nice on the "where's the power switch?" dodge. :)

I am surprised, though, that the police let you try that plan. Over here, they'd probably be worried about possible injuries and lawsuits.
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