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Feb 5, 2018
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Still not fully familiar with the site so hope I can be put in the picture (so to speak) on this one.

Is it ok to show images from apsc and full frame as long as a thread isn't relating specifically to m43 and as long as the details or exif of the image are posted along with the pic? I notice that there are threads for these sensors but someone who shoots m43 solely is not likely to view those threads and therefore miss out on the genre images such as bird/landscape or street that they may be interested in.
For someone such as myself recently committed to m43 and with only a few images in this format to share, I would like to think that the thousands of images that I do have from shooting other formats may be of use/inspiration/bird ID to others, if I could show some of them, without actually swamping the forum with them.


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May 15, 2016
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This question pops up every so often, and the only restriction I can remember of is the "Showcase Threads" for lenses of cameras.
Every where else is OK, but most people appreciate a note stating what camera it was taken from if not Mu-43.

I think especially for wildlife people would like to know if the photo was not taken on Mu-43, or me at least.

And of course there are threads for APSC and others.

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Feb 23, 2015
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I view it differently.
I am here to learn and when a thread is a miss-match of all formats and lenses with no description suddenly looses all appeal for me.
If I want to have "eye candy" I usual browse Flickr but here I hope to see what the Micro 4/3 system can do and what lenses suit certain subjects best.
I no longer follow some subjects/threads because it has become a mixed bag of systems where there is little to no value to my education.
I find it more appropriate when members post their other system pix in the respectively dedicated threads.
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