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Jan 5, 2014
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Hello everyone!

I dont know if you reading this have seen posts being posted often about someone buying a lens for their soon-to-be-born baby, well that was me.
I ended up getting the 25mm 1.4 and i am super excited!!

Now i need help with the actual photography part...

I have looked all over the internet and read all sorts of articles about tips on photographing a baby (newborn and on) but would really love some pointers from anyone on here who has done it..

some questions i have:

how do you set up a setting for the baby? i dont have any fancy sets made up, but we have some nice blankets that we have bought, that i hope to prop up somehow. also, i dont have any formal lighting options.. has anyone tried something to make up for this? i have some lamps and ive read about people using the ipad screen, and iphones light.

i have a 50mm and the 25mm i just got. i also have the kit lens.

like i said, i have some ideas on what i would like to get out of this, but would never turn down any advice or even totally different ideas that someone may have. i am open to everything, as i have found this site to have some really experienced people.

thank you so much!


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Dec 15, 2012
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One tip I picked up a while ago that's helpful for newborns is to put a nice piece of fabric/blanket in their car seat carrier, and photograph them there. They are in a nice secure place, and ou get a nicer background:

As for lighting, go for window light. You'll be able to get pleasing lighting near a window with open curtains.

You might take a look at this book:

It's really aimed at novice photographers, uses mostly available light (windows much of the time) and is divided into chapters based on the age of the child, going through 1 year old (she has another book out nw that covers older children). Even though my photography knowledge was beyond the level she wrote for, the ideas in the book for shots to look for were very helpful to me.

Good luck, and enjoy!


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Sep 25, 2010
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I had a baby 6 months ago so perhaps I should chime in although I am hardly an expert.

With light you need really soft light and there is nothing really softer than the light from a large window. In any case popping flashes at your baby's eyes wont be popular.

I think that the best background for babies is white. A bit of texture helps. A fake sheepskin rug is pretty good.

In terms of taking photos you are pretty limited to begin with as they dont really do much and there are only so many photos of a baby lying on its back that you can take. I think it is a good idea to get plenty of photos with the mum. In addition try and get close up and take all the little details such as their tiny hands and feet or even their eyelashes. Here's a couple of ideas.

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Jan 13, 2013
If you go to Creative Live, there are a range of courses available there to help you with newborn photography.

Some tips:

1. Keep the room warm and the heating on.
2. Shoot with your 50mm wide open and get a 100mm equivalent. Shoot from the head down and let the body fade away.
3. Use a towel underneath your rug / blanket to position the newborn baby
4. Feed the baby twice it's usual amount and send it to sleep.
5. Shoot the baby within 14 days of birth. Then leave it until they're more like 3-6 months.
6. Remember to keep a clean room. Clean everything.
7. Use window light as others are saying for a nice soft light.

Etc. All quick tips I picked up from a course at Creative Live. I then went to shoot a friend's baby, but the room was too cool and the baby had slept too well the night before. I was unable to settle the baby down and get any good shots.
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