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I've just joined the forum.

I expect to lurk for a while, since I am considering getting a m4/3 camera - perhaps an E-P1 with kit lens if I can find a used one reasonably.

It would either augment or replace my E-620 and add HD movie capabilities.

Thanks for the useful forum!


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Roberto, a very belated welcome! I don't know how your introductory post here got missed :redface:, but I am very glad you took the time to stop in here to say hello.:thumbup:

I do hope you'll feel comfortable asking any questions you might have because there are a great many here who would love to oblige by being as helpful as they can.

Very glad to have you here, Roberto.:flowers_2:


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Welcome Roberto,

As BBW said, don't hesitate to ask any questions about any of the micro four thirds gear, everyone's always willing to give you advice on buying and to give you an insight on their experiences with the gear.

See you around the forums,