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Mar 18, 2010
New York Metro Area
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Hi everybody. I just joined. I'm new to 4/3 but not to photography. I have been into photography for close to 40 years I started as a preteen. I just got a Lumix GF1 with the 20 1.7 and am looking forward to getting into photography again with it.

I also have Nikon and Leica kits along with lots of other photo gear and studio lighting. I used to do photography as a business but now it's mostly a hobby though some of my work involves teaching people digital photography principals.

I'm looking forward to participating here, reading posts and seeing everyone's work.
One pet peeve is that I hate when people call a photograph a capture, I prefer, image, photo, picture, anything but capture which sounds to unartistic and mechanical.

Brian Mosley

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Dec 15, 2009
Hi Lisa, and welcome to the home of m4/3rds :friends:

You raise an interesting point about one word... and funnily enough I started to use 'capture' as an alternative to 'shot' when, on another forum someone complained that 'shot' implies that no thought or skill went into capturing the essence of a scene.

What I've realised is that we all have personal associations with certain words which become 'triggers' to remembered emotions... both good and bad, and I try to understand where the poster is coming from before 'going off on one' :biggrin:

Alternatively, I guess I could start my own forum and insist that everyone play by My rules :rofl: better to be more flexible I think :smile:




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Jan 13, 2010
Near "Playland" outside of NYC, NY, USA
Hello Lisa and welcome aboard! We're a motley crew here on mu43.com, but generally pretty good natured with a wide array in backgrounds. Glad you found your way here!

P.S. There's a nice number of us New Yorkers, too...and at least one fellow from CT, who we give a special NY dispensation too...:biggrin::wink:


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Dec 15, 2009
Phila, Pa USA
Welcome Lisa,
Capture. This is a very interesting word. I think words have little meaning as far as the end result goes. Call it what you will, the result is all that matters and the journey to get there.

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