Hello from Toronto!


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Mar 9, 2010
Hello everyone,

I have already posted around a bit in these forums, but I think an introduction is finally due. :biggrin:

I am a student living in Toronto right now. I am currently in my senior year at the University of Toronto studying psychology (graduating in june!).

I bought an EP-1 last Tuesday. My desire to get into photography was nurtured by an important person to me. She showed me value of simply enjoying life around me, even when that was done in silence. Best of all, she showed me the value of capturing that life and preserving precious moments. Despite the fact that she is no longer around, I wanted to continue this tradition and practice. And finally, I found the perfect companion to do this: the E-P1. The E-P1 was the impetus to finally go through with it (and leave a big hole in my extremely small student wallet :frown:).

I am a very very new to photography (as of last Tuesday). But, I am eager and, like a sponge, I am soaking up lots of new information (thanks in large part to these forums :2thumbs:)

I love this camera to death. In some ways, I feel like Olympus read my mind in what I wanted in a DSLR. Portability, Style, and Performance. Coming from having only owned one point-and-shoot in my life, it feels so satisfying to hear and feel the shutter every time I take a picture.

Anyways, I hope to learn lots from this group. I've learned the basics, but I want to take my photos AND my experiences even further. I appreciate the time and consideration if you read this far!


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Feb 26, 2010
Phoenix, Az
Hello Jp and welcome....good people here and ready to help. You will love your new camera as we all do here. Just wanted to say hey.....grats on last year of school (for now anyways).




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Feb 7, 2010
The Netherlands
Welcome JP ! Congrats with your new camera.

Have a nice day.
Kind regards, Herman


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Jan 13, 2010
Near "Playland" outside of NYC, NY, USA
jpaek, thank you so much for your thoughtful introduction. I believe this special person who inspired you was very wise and would be so happy that you've followed through on and are enjoying yourself so much.

Take your time, ask questions - take a look at Brian's videos...yes they're on the E-P2, but I think much is similar on the E-P1...

Good for you regarding your studies in Toronto - only a few more months!:2thumbs:

Brian Mosley

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Dec 15, 2009
Congratulations Jp, and welcome to our growing community here on mu-43.com... you are very lucky to have discovered the delight of photography through your dear friend.

I hope you will feel right at home here :friends:




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Feb 15, 2010
Wellcome JP, and thank for ypor introduction. Enjoy your ep1 is a nice and powerfull cam :smile:


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Mar 9, 2010
Paris, France
Hi JP,

I really relate to your introduction as I, too, was quite a late comer, well past my teen years, to the fine craft of photography ; the only difference is that in my case, it was 20 years ago. And I'm a newcomer to this site as well.

While some people are (figuratively speaking) born with a camera and can produce wonderful images out of a pinhole crudely gouged in a matchbox, some others are less gifted and need more maturity and work to achieve good results. But it's not a curse, it's a wonderful journey. When I look back at mine, what mattered most was hand on experience. I had first to find the correct tool (which in my case was an OM-1 built the year I was born, my only previous attempt having been the Canon EOS 500/Elan which showed me exactly what I did NOT want to do - all automatic, AF driven, camera controled photography), and I think you have now in your hands the best tool the digital age can offer. And then, I had to shoot a lot. In the analogue days, this was extremely costly ; my solution was to cover local events for the town's newspaper : nearly unpaid but free b&w film rolls at will, 7 days a week open lab. But the processing time remained a hefty price to pay. Digital gives you more freedom to shoot at will without remorse : use it ! Still, I value highly this experience, as assignments coaxed me into shooting things I couldn't care less about (like sports), which is good when you face the unknown later on. This allowed me to nail this plane making a low pass on a day when I didn't expected to go to an air show and only carried a lx2 P&S (see picture attached, hope I won't burn in H*ll for uploading a non-:43: image here).

So, to sum it up : shoot. Shoot a lot, and then trash a lot of what you've shot. Keepers are few, really, don't attempt to save a less than good picture because of memories attached to it (or if you do, clearly distinguish between pictures and vacation/family snapshots). Be tough with yourself. Strong self-critic is the only way forward.




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