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    Aug 17, 2012
    Big hello from the UK - have just taken a dive into m43 after finding this site and reading around it on other forums. Great site, good info, friendly and some great pics - well done to all!!

    To cut a long story short, I've been leaving my kit behind of late , down to having to juggle the 40d and kids - with constant lugging etc not worth it. Thought about m43 so that I could get back out there again without the lugging barriers to hopefully inspire me to get back to taking pics frequently, not a magic bullet by any means but it might mean I have the camera out more. Have not sold up fully yet but got a deal on a used Oly E-PL2 with kit lens which after trawling loads of sites to find a cost compromise type starter kit.

    I initially said I couldn't live without VF but the plan is to maybe upgrade in a few months and give her indoors this to use - Im loving the OMD ive got to say as had a go on one in a shop and it felt nice, took me back to school using a OM10!! First impressions of the E-PL2 buttons and single dial = different to what I'm used to obviously, kit lens is a kit lens, IQ seems pretty good - Ive got to be honest I reckon it could give the 40d a run for its money in terms of IQ

    As I managed to grab a used Oly, I managed to also sneak a P25 into the bag which Im going to get to grips with as soon as a memory card arrives.

    Bye for now!!
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    Jan 22, 2010
    Hi there, can't wait to see your pictures :)
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    Welcome to the forum!