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Aug 10, 2010
Hello all!!

I am a rookie when it comes down to photography. Have always wanted to get into it but never took the plunge until today. I've been spending quote some time in reading up on Micro 4/3 cameras and was deciding if I should go with the GF1, EP2, or EPL1. I bit the bullet today after reading an ad from a guy who was selling his slightly used EP2 for $500. It's just the body + the 14-42mm (Did not come with a the EVF) but for the price I think I walked away with a decent deal. All I can say is "Wow!". My old camera is a Sony Cybershot DSC-W150 so the difference is night and day.

I actually just finished watching all of Brian's video in regards to setting up the EP2. Can't wait to take this baby for a real life test drive over the weekend.

I do have a few questions:
Is there a specific way to clean the LCD?
Afterwards, any recommendation on a screen protector?
Any budget lens that you guys would recommend I should look into? I know that I will be purchasing the Panasonic 20MM pancake lens in the near future, but other than that I am at lost with all of the different lenses that are available.

Thank you for reading my first post.


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Jan 13, 2010
Near "Playland" outside of NYC, NY, USA
Congratulations 2ndname and yes, you did get a really good deal on that E-P2 with its kit zoom! Good for you!

As for your other questions, I think you'd be best served by waiting on buying any other lenses and getting to know the camera and what kinds of things you enjoy photographing. I'd suggest searching the Olympus forums and checking out the different image threads for "native" lenses to start. It's great that you watched those videos Brian made - they're are extremely helpful, I agree.

As for the LCD and protection and cleaning, I am sure we've got some threads on that too...try a search in Accessories. First thing get a good lens cleaning cloth, be very careful about changing lenses when you do get that 20mm, I'd suggest one of those small rocket air blowers for quick dust removal from your lenses (but there are other types as well), and as for LCD protectors there are many out there - check out this thread in the Accessories forum: https://www.mu-43.com/f67/screen-protector-957/

I'll be looking forward to your involvement here and your photographs!
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