Hello from Southern California


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Hello all,

I just ordered an Olympus EP-1 and should receive it on friday Aug 6. Of course I can't wait. I googled till I came across this forum, I wanted a more or less dedicated micro 4/3rds forum so here I am...Lucky You! LOL


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And hello to you, too, and welcome! I'm glad to see that Google is doing its job well. :biggrin:

You know, I have to ask you about your "handle" porkphoto because there must be a story behind it.


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My goodness...what a warm welcome!Thanks to all of you. As for my "handle" I picked it up back when I was in college. We were required to put our names on all our personal belongings. It started out as...Property Of...and my name...I soon shortened it to PORK the last two letters being my initials. As photography was my hobby I started to use porkphoto as my "handle". Thanks for your inquiry.
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Brian Mosley

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Hi Porky, and welcome! :friends:

Just noticed your question on the E-P1, will post there next :smile: