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Hello all. I recently moved on from my Pentax K100D Super to an Olympus E-PL1. After using it for awhile I realized it was not for me. It is an amazing camera that takes gorgeous pictures. I missed having a few of the manual controls on the K100D. Now I'm looking to move the E-PL1 and either get an EP-2 or GF-1.
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Welcome! Reading about your experience with the E-PL1 leads to the question of what is it that you are missing that you expect to find on the other Oly E-P's. While my other cameras include the Oly E-1, E-3 and E-410, I find myself enjoying the creative moments that the E-PL1 (with 14-42mm) has allowed so far. I'm also considering an E-P2, but I will not be looking at getting rid of the E-PL1.

As I've written in previous threads, the purchase of the E-PL1 was primarily for my wife, due to size and complexity in my other cameras. The clincher for deciding to purchase an E-PL1 was its accessory port that allowed the fantastic VF-2 (which I bought immediately). The street shooter LCD screen was my major dislike with the E-Ps as I had real disappointment with sunny daytime use of a Nikon Coolpix S-610 featuring a similar LCD. Also, the in-body flash and RC flash option added unique and desirable abilities.

All this said, my purchase into the Oly m4/3 line was made knowing that I could use my numerous standard 4/3 lenses (with AF) using an adapter. I anticipated that I would have a chance to use the E-PL1 with some serious glass already in the kit, before I'd have to get specific m4/3 lenses.(Well, that experiment is somewhat changed; my Lumix adapter is due Monday, along with a new Panny 45-200:redface:)

Anyways, it would be interesting to read about your issues with the E-PL1. I have a little trouble with the lack of a dial for controls and certainly think the E-P2 will be my next camera (I'll be selling my IR 410 and conventional 410 real soon!).


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Hello and welcome philthy. I suspect you are right about the E-PL1 - probably makes a good backup camera if you prefer more control.


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Giday Philthy, cool username. Thanks for saying hello and I trust you will enjoy the forum.

(Well, that experiment is somewhat changed; my Lumix adapter is due Monday, along with a new Panny 45-200)
Nice choice Kapekodder. That lens is freaking awesome, and the OIS works even better than the 14-45 I reckon.


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The E-PL1 is a fantastic camera. I've been too accustomed to DSLR manual controls that digging through menus for me is cumbersome. I'll keep using it in the meanwhile since prices for a GF1 and EP2 are still out of my range. Hopefully I'll get accustomed to the E-PL1 so I may have a change of heart. Well, thanks for the warm welcomes.

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Hello and welcome to the home of m4/3rds philthy, hope you will find a happy alternative to the E-PL1... can you try out the E-P2 or GF1 before you buy?




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Welcome philthy and as an answer to your Visitor's Message to me, once a member has 3 substantive posts, they may post in the Classifieds section. You can read more here: https://www.mu-43.com/f68/mu-43-com-faq-2733/ and be sure to read the sticky in that section too, before you list your camera.

Sorry you're not happy with the E-PL1. I rarely even use the menu anymore but I will say that initially I found the menu on the Olympus PENs to be confusing. I used to have the E-P2 and switched to the E-PL1 for a variety of reasons (see why in the Reviews section if you care). Once I got the menu on the E-P2 down it was easy, and it's pretty much the same exact thing on the E-PL1. As Brian suggests, it would be great if you could try out your future buy in real life first.

Glad to have you aboard, and I'll look forward to seeing which camera you go for.:drinks: