Hello from Rhode Island, US

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    Jun 19, 2012
    I've been lurking for a few weeks now and thought I'd introduce myself. I'm an amateur photographer mainly interested in people photography at this point. I used to be more of a landscape photographer but I've started to get away from it. Shooting landscapes requires you to get up early and about a year ago I started one of my other hobbies, running. So I get up and run 4-5 days a week at 5am, so no time for sunrises anymore. I take a lot of photos of my kids but I'm also a big fan of street photography. For whatever reason I tend to process a lot of photos in b&w.

    Here's how I ended up shooting micro 4/3s. I went from a Nikon d300 and a bunch of big heavy lenses that I got sick of carrying around to a Sony NEX-5N and a couple of lenses. I got frustrated with the lack of small fast lenses for the Sony NEX system so I sold my gear and bought an OM-D, a 12mm, & a 45mm about a few months ago. I also have a Panasonic 25mm on order at B&H (they told me today it should ship at the end of the week/beginning of next week). I couldn't be happier with the OM-D!:smile:
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    Welcome to the cult/GAS support group/user forum, Brian! Cool that you are getting along well with the E-M5. Sounds like you will have the holy trinity of primes shortly!
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    Welcome. I'm a native of Massachusetts, now living in NM, but I spent a year at Brown almost 40 years ago now. I like Rhode Island.

    Show us some of your b&w stuff.