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    Oslo(ish), Norway
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    Please, allow me to introduce myself, I`m a man of wealth and taste... :wink:

    Getting that of my chest, I am Jens, have been photographing on and off since 1980 when I bought my first SLR, a Pentax ME Super at the ripe age of 12. Did some payed work in due time, both as a camera salesman and as a press/info officer, with some freelancing on the side. Did films up to the early 00, when I got a digital PS and found it somewhat wanting after a couple of years and bought a Canon Powershot, which probably still hangs on a tree somewhere deep in the Norwegian woods, where I hang it when having a rest on a hike...

    Bought a Pentax K7 kit, when it was released in 09, gave the Pen a good going look but the critical lack of a Viewfinder put me off that.

    I had foresworn dSLRs as much to bulky and that it would reside in a cupboard most of the time, a notion that proved to be right, as photo these days seems to be a side hobby, something I do to document other activities and not a primary one nor something I do for its own value.

    Still slipping a PS, now a Canon Powershot S95 in a side-pocket but it leaves me somewhat wanting as to manipulation of it, and it is somewhat tiny for my size 12 hands. I have been oogling the Fujiis for a couple of years, but the expence and no use of the dSLRs has kept me in check. Almost crashed and burn earlier this month, when the Pen-F showed up, as it is rather pleasing to the eye and I am a sucker for vintage looking stuff.

    Have been researching the M43 universe since that, and am just waiting for the local shops to open, before I goes forth and buys a Panasonix GX7 due to price and its a well proven track record. The local shops has it with the 14-42 kit lens, but I will try to get the 12-32 instead and will look at the light 35-100 or the Oly 45 prime as possible starting tele options and either a Metz 32? or a Meike32 for a on/off camera flash. The reasons for these choices are part packing size and partly economics, which, when presented to the little Mrs, got me "The look". :biggrin:

    Further acquisitions depends upon how much I use the outlined "entry" level set and experience based findings with it, but I do like the notions of the 2.8 zooms and a lot of the primes. My initial system on the ME-super where built around primes (28, 50, 135) and those experiences may still have some sort of influence on how I work or perhaps more accurately, want to work a camera.

    Not to mention that I probably should spend some time, getting a proper digital work-flow going, something I so far have not prioritised other than getting Lightroom 3.0 and PSE 8.0 and dabbing a bit with both but not by far anything even remotely reminding me of compentence with either.

    I am currently in the process of offloading two sets of dSLRs, my own old Pentax and my fathers well built but aging Canon system that I inherited earlier this winter. The spoils from these sales will be plowed back into the 43 system.

    Having gone through this process, I actually feel the lust for taking photos again, for its own worth, which also has made this intro rather looong winded, but getting something down on paper or screen has a cathartic effect on me...

    Anyhow, good to be aboard.

    Best regards, from your humble servant etcetera


    *Note to self, stop letting Victorian authors influx your writing style, and do not quote Rolling Stones as the start of every intro you write...:laugh1:
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    Jan 29, 2015
    Welcome aboard.
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