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    Feb 18, 2013
    Robert Lietz
    Hi all,
    I've just registered but have been learning from you folks for several weeks, so thanks. I am a retired English (Creative Writing--Poetry and Fiction) professor and have been shooting digitally since 1998 when we bought our first Olympus. I am currently using my G3s, GX1, E-P2, and occasionally E-P1 cameras as well as a Canon 50D and G10. Since I have published 8 collections of poems over the years and have published a significant selection of poems in print and on-line journals, I have been exploring the relationship of the poems and photographs while trying to learn to "see" more effectively and engagingly. My name's Robert Lietz and I'm looking forward to learning a good deal more here while, I hope, contributing to the quality of the conversation.
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    Welcome to the user group, Robert!
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    Robert, welcome aboard!