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    Hello Forum!

    A few months ago I decided I wanted to graduate from the world of point and shoot photography and get something SLR-like. A friend told me about the Panasonic DMC-GF1 so ended up buying one and have been trying to learn what all those fancy buttons on the camera do.

    I've been playing around with some portrait photography as I have a friend that enjoys playing around as a model. It's been quite a learning experience, especially learning that I don't know much about photography. :biggrin:

    I'm looking forward to exploring this forum and my new(ish) camera.
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    Steve, thanks for your upbeat intro and welcome to mu-43! You'll find you'll be among many who think that their GF1 is superb. Please make yourself at home, and be sure to post some of your photographs when you have the chance.:thumbup: