Hello from Belgium


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Nov 9, 2010
Hello all,

great to see that there is a board about M/FT, and a great community.
I found this community while I was struggling the internet about M/FT.
A lot of (D)SLR-users (especially the Canon and Nikon-ones) laugh when you say that you consider to cross the sea to M/FT, and state that the quality of M/FT is not good at all, they UN-adviced me all to change.

My situation and the reason that I am on this board? Well, easy.

I owned a Canon 500D with 2 fast-primes and one 24-105L Walk-Around lens. Yep, great stuff, I can confirm that. The only thing is...... When I left my house, or I took the 24-105 with me, or I just let all my stuff in da house, for the simple reason it is all too heavy.
5 months ago, I took the stuff once out, and all got stolen. I was not happy, but bought me at the same moment a simple Pana DMC-FZ38 (I think in the US the name is FZ35). Why? Because my first smaller Bridge was a Pana, and I took better pictures with it then I ever did with my Canon, for the simple reason my Canon never left my place.
Since that moment, where-ever I go, I have that bridge with me. I just got interest in taking pics again. I like the Panasonic a lot, and the Leica-zoomlens is wonderfull, if you know the restrictions of a Bridge of course. It is more a tool but you can make fantastic pics with it.

Ok, Belgian man, i hear some boardmembers say, you had a D-SLR, and now you have a Pana-Bridge, so what you do on a M/FT-board?

Fina, I will travel to Asia in March for 2 months, just from town to town, from small city to city, and I want a better digicam. But I never want to give up the portability of my Pana, so, I think a new D-SLR is out of the question, I am not going to take 5 kilo of photographical material when I am in the streets of Bankgkok, Chiang Mai, Sri lanka, Manila, ... .

I don't know if I have to start a new topic, or I can do it here, but I try here, and I will see or anyone will react on my questions.

What am i searching? Well, I want a system that suits streets photography in Asia, and also I wanna do some kind of street portraits of everyday-people, and some landscape shots and the normal stuf like sunset, bla bla bla. But my goal is to buy a system that is NOT heavy and that take good quality pics, and there has to be a good walk around lens on it. That is my goal, to get info on that on this board 9in the first place).

So, I just love Panasonic, and know a bit how the Pana-system work, and the body don't has to be mini-mini for me, so I tought to buy the PANA G2 as body.

I was reading also a few good things about the 20mm f1.7 lens to shoot in the streets, and as a portrait lens. I always been told that a lens under 50 mm will give distortion of the faces because you have to get to close to the person you photograph. As the 20 mm is a 40mm in 35 mm, can i get a decent answer on this?
And then the 'walk-around' lens. I think it is important to have a good lens, even if it cost me a little bit more. i am not interested in the long end, not at all, I never zoom in more then 105mm with my bridge, so I think it is more important for me to stay in the middle-zoom rage.
I tought about the ZUIKO DIGITAL 14-54mm F2.8-3.5II. it is not a M/FT, i know, but all advice is welcome. it is the low apperture that I am interested in. I was reading a lot, but is this the best walk around lens for my needs (ok, i will have to buy the adapter, and the lens and adapter together are a bit pricy, but i want to pay a bit money for a lens that will probably stay most of the time on the cam). Or do you people say that a Pana kit or with a lower aparture will also do the job very good?

I can tell, that the MFT has lenses that can stay almnost all the time on the system, and I cannot tell that about the D-SLR, or you miss the wide-range, or the lense is simple too short. My 24-105 had an overall aperture of 4, but i sometimes missed the wide range, and with a 14 on F/MT (x2, I know), i think it is just ok.

Please let me know what you think about my choises, all help is welcome.

So, I will buy the PANA G2 (or is that a bad choice?)
Do I buy the 20mm f1.7? As portrait/street lens?
Do I buy the Zuiko as walk around lens, or is it better to buy a less lightstark walk around and invest in one macro (45mm/50mm).

I look forwards to your opinion.

Thanks already a lot.


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Feb 10, 2010
Howdy semma and welcome to this lovely forum. As a neighbor in the east from you, I'm living near Dusseldorf and come across the Belgian highways on my way to the Atlantic ocean in France.

Having had the same feeling about my Nikon gear (10 kg) in a Lowe, at first the Pen E-P1 with optical viewfinder and after the launch the E-P2 with the EVF got it's place into the brown retro style bag from Oly.

Knowing my D300 as a very responsive and snappy cam with high Iso capabilities I first thought that restrictions while shooting street and general stuff would limit my pics. But it was the other way round.

In Sicily and in Krakow I used the Pen mainly with the 20mm Pana and the 14-42 standard zoom and both are enough when no churches inside or very narrow streets come into the play.

Especially the 20mm Pana is a absolutely must. This tiny lens makes every m4/3 cam sing and it's my main lens for portraits with some (for me) important scenery in the shoot. Forget distortion, in the past my portrait lens was a 28mm and the very slight pronouciation of the head makes these kind of portraits 'special' when it's not too much blown up.

Why the Oly? I'm now nearly 63 yeaars old and it could be that my hands wouldn't be so still as with younger people.
Second is the possibility to adapt (in my case) Leica lenses. So a lens-stabilizer as from Pana wouldnt help here.
Third ist the absolutely nice colour rendition from Oly. This fact brought me back to colour photography two months ago....

A Pana G1 I had for about three days but the mini-DLSR design didn't fit my hands. The grip was too small and the size too big....

When I'm out these days I wear an english dufflecoat and the Oly/20mm will fit these pockets and is waiting.......:thumbup:

Test both designs and decide due to your preferences - the overall choice for m4/3 is the best disregarding the maker......:biggrin:

Portrait, Pana 20mm:

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Pana 20mm:

Oysterfisher | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

and a pic from Bruxels.....:wink:


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Nov 9, 2010

Hi Silverbullet,

thanks for your reply, makes me feel 'less worse' already about the so called restrictions of M/FT-systems.

I am used to the grip of the PANA already, as I told that I have the Pana Brigde FZ-38.

Thanks for showing the pics made with the 20mm f1.8.

I hope I get some more answers in my topic I started for the other questions also.
I made one decission already, it will be a M/FT with the 20 mm. Hope to get more answers on the other questions also.

What a great forum, I just asked something a few hours ago, and get already some good replies. On general photography boards, they just laughed when I told them i would change to M/FT, and called it 3 steps back. Thanks a lot.

You can find my questions here.


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Aug 6, 2010
Richmond, VA
Real Name
Richard Elliott

I have a GF1 and just picked up a G1 and have fallen in love with the format - and this from a former medium format guy who carried around a large briefcase of stuff with just 3-4 lenses.

I would say the best arguments for m4/3 are the photographers and the photographs on this forum. I do not see anything better out there.

The problem is the guys on the other forums are facing the wrong way so what looks like 3 steps back to them is really three steps forward. :wink:


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Oct 5, 2010
Den Haag, The Hague, La Haye
Salut Semma,
I see that you are living in Belgium. So when you come to the point to buy one of the mft camera and lenses (either pana or oly), you may consider to check out the offers of kamera-express. They do sell both in Holland and in Belgium. They have a wide (quite wider than average) of mft product available and on top of that at a pretty good price. Personnaly, I did buy in their real shop in Rotterdam.
About size, though it is much smaller than a dslr, it will never be as pocketable as a point and shoot. Personnaly, I find them a bit heavy considering the size.....on the other hand that shows also a pretty good build quality.
Have fun, whatever is your choice.


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Jan 13, 2010
Near "Playland" outside of NYC, NY, USA
Welcome, Semma, I can see you're well on your way to making yourself a new home here! Thanks so much for your helpful and interesting introduction. I'm also really glad that you started that new thread over in the This or That forum, too.:2thumbs:

I'll be looking forward to your decisions and know that you've already been give some good and helpful advice.:smile:


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Mar 29, 2010
Belgium, Antwerp
Hello from Antwerp,
This picture was made in studio with the 20 mm,
For close up you have little distortion, bud not to much.
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Feb 12, 2010
Brussels, Belgium
Hi, Semma, and welcome from La Hulpe, that is also in Belgium, as you may or may not know :biggrin:

You're right in chosing the µ4/3 as your future format for shooting while travelling. I am a regular traveller to Russia, and the G1 is a perfect tool. Light and handy, yet powerfull. I'm not a big-handed man, so holding the camera is not a problem for me.

I don't own a G2 so I cannot tell you if the G2 adds important features to the package the G1 has on offer.

I can confirm what PetitP said about Kamera Express in Holland. I bought a G1 for my wife from them, and was more than pleased with the fast service and the excellent price. However, I don't know if they still have G1 on stock ???

My native lenses are the 7-14, 14-45 and 45-200. The 7-14 is a real gem, but comes at a price :cool: The 2 other lenses are also capable performers.
I read a lot of good things about the 20mm, however I failed to buy one sofar.

I hope that you will enjoy yourself here !



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Feb 7, 2010
Drouin, Victoria, Australia
My Thoughts

I use a G1 (as I don't shoot video). I also have the 14-45, 45-200 and 20mm1.7 lenses. The whole kit is lighter than just the body and one lens for a DSLR, and much smaller. I rarely miss the faster DSLR lenses I previously used. On this forum we constantly hear of people who get their camera gear out more frequently because of its size and weight. My next and final purchase will be a GF1 or EP-1 body so I can carry around that camera and the pancake lens in my pocket or back pack when travelling. We hardly ever hear any "quality of build" problems from Panasonic or Olympus. I wish you good fortunes in your decision making process. I am sure you will enjoy this forum, it gets better everyday.


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Nov 9, 2010
thanks everybody

Wow, thanks everybody, I was 20 hours not online and got such wonderfull responses on my questions.
Thanks you all for your advice, I will come back later to all of you to answer, but one thing I wanna say already to the guys that advice me kamera express....
.... all my stuff I ever bought was in their shop in Rotterdam, good service, very good price and very friendly.

And now I am going to read in details, and that model from Antwerp looks good :smile::wink:
I know La hulpe, I am from belgium, and as I never talk about politics, I love belgium, and love "les wallons". Very friendly people, and I go biking there every summer....

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