Helios 44-2


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Found an old Helios which as far as I know hasn't been used in 40 years. I want to try it out but found 2 small black specks on the inside. Looking through the lens it looks very clear. I think it is dust but I'm new to this so am not sure if it may be fungus. Lens surfaces front and back are smooth and clean. Everything operates smoothly as well so it may be a decent lens.

Should I try to open up the lens to clean it? Don't have the adapter yet so I'm trying to figure out if this will be worthwhile.

Ulfric M Douglas

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Fungus doesn't look like black specks : you should be fine.
Don't bother to open it until you've got an adapter and found problems with the pictures : which might not be there.

My copy of that lens is heavy, smooth and excellent. I just dislike the superb long-travel focus compared to some other lenses which are a smidgen less good but nicer for me to use. It has half-stop apertures too! Quality.


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Thanks for your response... I'll give it a try then.

If I do find that image quality is affected is this lens hard to open? How would I open it up?