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    Hey all,

    Going to Oahu the second week in February for a short week. Only two things on the books at this point are a whale watching tour and a horse back ride. Leaving the agenda fairly open for the rest of the time, of course snorkeling, exploring etc.. Bringing the full kit, only thing I don't really have is a long telephoto (75mm is the longest), besides my Minolta 135 f/2.8. I'll probably leave that at home with the sharpness of the 75mm being considered for cropping. I thought about renting one for the trip but it's probably not needed.

    Would love some advice for places to check out. I'm staying in Waikiki, but have a car so I can travel around the island. I haven't been to Oahu before, but the travel points worked well for a trip there!
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    Awesome! Have a great time while you're there.

    I would suggest trying to go over to Diamond Head and do the hike to the top. (not that hard/difficult) Great views from up there; not too far from waikiki at all. oh, and while you're there in waikiki, check out the "International Marketplace". kinda a 'swapmeet feel' to it but great place to people watch and some cool photo-ops.

    (just my 2 cents)... Enjoy!
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    lots of people in Waikiki and there are plenty of people or street photo ops, but I find Chinatown more interesting for that. It's small, but nice - and you can take a break to get some great dim sum while you are there. Diamondhead is great, just get going early before it gets hot and/or there are too many others. Take a wide angle for a great panorama from there.

    A car is a great idea, just driving around will give you plenty to see and shoot. I love driving up the east coast, some nice spots for photos there. In Feb you should still have some good surfing activity on the North Shore, but for that a long lens would be necessary. But there are also some nice places up north, definitely worth going. I'm not a big hiker, but there are plenty of hikes of all levels of difficulty across the island that will get you to great places for nature or panorama shots.

    You can ping me if you want, maybe we can have a coffee or a cocktail or even go on a short photo hunt together - I need to get out more anyway ;) 

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    I was there last June and there are a couple of places I would recommend.

    First, Waimea Valley (::Welcome to WAIMEA VALLEY, Hawaiian Culture, Hiking in Hawaii::). There's a nice hike following a river, with many flowers and birds. I was too late to see the waterfall at the top, unfortunately. I think it was about $15 to get in.

    Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden (hmbg, Official Web Site for The City and County of Honolulu) is not too far from Waikiki. It has a variety of geographic areas represented, with different plants. I had most of it to myself. This one is free.

    I really enjoyed the Saturday Farmers Market at Kapiolani Community College in Honolulu. It's a tourist draw, so it was crowded, but well worth a visit. I took a lot of pictures (all the vendors I asked were fine with it), talked to people, and ate abalone for the first time. I would recommend going early, and don't eat breakfast before you go. Also, right there at the Community College (next to the parking area) is a cactus garden.

    I drove around a lot, and really spend little time in Honolulu/Waikiki. I did go to the Arizona Memorial (which I found more moving than I expected) and I went to the area around the Iolani Palace. I would have liked to visit Hanauma Bay for snorkeling, but by the time I got there the parking lots were full.

    My best Oahu pictures are at Oahu - a set on Flickr

    Have fun!
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