HDR and bracket info in exif

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    Jul 6, 2014
    Situation: new to Olympus E-M10, still figuring out the interaction among settings for HDR, brackets, and shot mode. It's easy to get a few dozen shots to review, and be unsure of what picture corresponds to what menu setting. Command line exiftool to the rescue. A sample, from an HDR / AE Bracket sequence:
    exiftool -TAG "-ExposureMode" "-ExposureCompensation" "-DriveMode" "-MeteringMode"  P*.JPG
    The output looks like:
    ======= P7080006.JPG
    Exposure Mode                   : Auto
    Exposure Compensation           : -3
    Drive Mode                      : [5] Bracketing, Shot 2
    Metering Mode                   : ESP
    ======== P7090008.JPG
    Exposure Mode                   : Auto bracket
    Exposure Compensation           : -1
    Drive Mode                      : AE Bracketing, Shot 2
    Metering Mode                   : Center-weighted average
    Hope this helps somebody.
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