Have you purchased insurance for your camera equipment?

Discussion in 'Open Discussion' started by Mr Hahn, Jan 23, 2014.

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    I thought I would post this since it came up today.

    I use USAA and I know I have theft coverage on my camera gear through my renters policy. However, if I drop my new E-M1 onto my concrete driveway and the mount breaks off the 12-40mm lens, I'm not covered. For my day job I'm a helicopter pilot, and if my camera somehow goes out of the aircraft while flying with the doors off, I'm not covered. Basically this gear is really expensive and if anything bad and/or destructive happens to it other than simple theft, my current policies would not cover it.

    So I was updating my auto policy today and I asked the USAA rep if they have other coverage options for my expensive camera equipment. It turns out they actually have a valuable property coverage option specifically for camera gear, but this only applies to hobbyists and not people who make money with their camera. For $3.25 per month (about $40 per year) I now have $3000 of coverage on my camera body and lenses which include the E-M1, 12-40mm f2.8 lens, and 60mm f.28 Macro. Now I could drop it, leave it on the train, run it over with my truck, or throw it out the door of my helicopter like I'm the crazy old woman at the end of Titanic, and USAA will cover the full cost of replacement with no deductible.

    Just something to think about in case you haven't asked your insurance company for anything like this.

    -Nate Hahn
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    AFI (Armed Forces Ins.) has my homeowner, and for $9/$1000 covered, will cover accidental damage, mysterious disappearance, and just about anything else. Also covers my wifes wedding ring. Just give them a list with values added.

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    May 4, 2011
    Yes & I have USAA too....
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    One thing to consider. You may want your gear policy from a different company in case you need to file a claim. Some companies like to canel out policies after a claim or two, and it would be a shame to lose a good policy from a small claim. My insurance agent kind of confimred this when we discussed what policies he had available for my gear. I like him and respect his advice, and the company has underwritten my home, auto and umbrella liability policies with very good rates and they also provide good customer service. But, he did say that companies will sometimes cancel policies after a claim or two. I know that State Farm used to offer a good policy for personal use, but I do not remember the name of that specific policy.

  5. mattia

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    I have insurance for all my photographic gear - a Dutch policy aimed at pros but available to anyone. It's not terribly cheap (about 120 euros per year for all my gear) but covers loss, damage, theft at replacement cost (not current value) with a 200E detuctible, worldwide. Paid out swiftly when the E-M5 was stolen.