Have there been any Pen-F firmware updates?

Discussion in 'Olympus Cameras' started by dmcgrew, Sep 18, 2016.

  1. dmcgrew

    dmcgrew Mu-43 Regular

    Feb 1, 2016
    I've been out of the loop a bit in the latest Olympus news. Have there been any Pen-F firmware updates yet? I haven't found anything. Would have thought here would have been something because the focus tracking and continuous autofocus are extremely poor. I love everything else but the C-AF is so annoyingly bad.
  2. Giiba

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    Aug 19, 2016
    Burnaby, BC
  3. saladin

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    May 29, 2015
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    No there hasnt. Which is interesting with us Now 6+ months from launch.
  4. dmcgrew

    dmcgrew Mu-43 Regular

    Feb 1, 2016
    Yeah... guess i'll assume the poor auto focus is a hardware issue.
  5. Growltiger

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    Mar 26, 2014
    Have you tried S-AF? Incredibly fast and accurate.
  6. gryphon1911

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    Mar 13, 2014
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    Olympus C-Af on contrast detect only sensors is not something that is usable. Hopefully you didn't buy the camera for that purpose. If you need C-AF, then getting an EM1 or a Panasonic GH4 is the best m43 option out there right now.
  7. drd1135

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    Mar 17, 2011
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    Or just wait for the EM1 II, which is supposed ot be a quantum leap ahead. I've also heard the GX85 is much better.