Has Anyone Tried the Shapeways Hotshoe Weaver Rail Adaptor?


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Aug 15, 2019
I haven't but it is plastic and going to be junk.

I got one of these


Which isn't much more expensive for something made of 3 machined aluminum parts. Annoyingly it cost almost as much as the red dot sight and is also a bit junk.

The hotshoe foot is only 18.05mm across while flash hot shoe feet are nominally 18.5mm so it is sloppy in the mount. That said if it was 18.5 it would still be too sloppy for repeatable sight alignment. I have to push the mount hard forward while tightening the locking screw so the front edge of the foot aligns it. The locking screw can be tightened down quite hard and the rail will stay aligned if you don't knock it.

The foot can be fitted at the end rather than middle of the rail and the screw can be tightened enough so it stays put (I added a washer to help).

The only other type I have seen advertised has two grub screws which bear down on the top lip each side of the mount and looks like it would be quite stable. I would worry about the screws marking/damaging the camera and it doesn't really buy you much if you don't leave the rail on the camera all the time.


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Mar 7, 2019
I haven't tried the Shapeways, but as there seems to be nothing to clamp it to the hot shoe, it almost certainly won't be any good. I have tried the Higoo, or at least something like it and it doesn't work. I had also tried a couple of other useless designs, and was wondering if there was a solution to reliably fitting a red dot sight to my GX9, when I happened to be near a videographer at an air show. He had multiple items fitted to a frame around his camera, something I had not seen before.

We got chatting and I asked him about the frame and explained the problem with the red dot sight. He pointed me at Smallrig, and I bought https://www.smallrig.com/smallrig-versaframe-cage-1658.html

It turned out that I didn't need most of the frame, just the top plate which clamps into the hot shoe,using 2 allen bolts. I have a piece of rail bolted permanently to the top plate, and the sight attaches to the rail. This does work, needing minimal adjusting and being very stable. An expensive solution, though perhaps ultimately cheaper than forever buying things that don't work.
May 18, 2018
Austin, TX
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I almost bought the adapter on Shapeways. I regularly make products using Shapeways and the actual nylon material is quite strong. I use a nylon mount of my own design as a tripod mount for my GX8, and it has held up to quite a few knocks without breaking. However, that particular adapter design is friction fit only. The description even says it may need sanding to get a good fit.

I ended up getting the Olympus EE-1 red dot sight just because it was the most compact option.


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Apr 24, 2018
SF Bay Area, California, USA
Are you planning to use the red dot to acquire the subject then transition to the EVF (like an astronomical "finder scope"),
or are you planning to fire the shutter while looking through the red dot (not using the EVF)?

A red dot sight in the hot shoe may/will have horizontal and vertical slop.
Thus the dot will not be aiming repeatably in the same position.
Unless you can LOCK the adapter into the shoe so that it does not move.
And as @Hannety said, it has to repeatably align into the shoe, like a snug fit sliding in, so it won't rotate on the horizontal axis.
The Shapeways adapter says it has a tight fit, so it might work.

Some of the LOW COST red dot sights have parallax. Move your head, and the dot moves relative to the subject/target.
For those, you HAVE TO position your eye in the SAME position each time, or you have parallax error.

Next some of the dots are relatively large, I've seen listings from 2 MOA (wishful thinking) up to 10 MOA.
At 5 MOA, the dot will cover about 5 inches at 100 yards or 10 inches at 200 yards.
As I turn up the brightness, the size of the dot appears to increase.

The other issue is AF mode.
I can see this working for a 5x5 or full screen zone focus, but not for anything precise.

I only use a red-dot on my pellet rifle, for plinking tin cans and crackers, so precision is not of concern.
1 inch at 10 yards is good enough for my purposes.
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