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    Aug 26, 2012
    Background--had a successful photo business for years, with a diverse customer base. Always had a lightweight system to complement my main equipment. Leica M3; later a Leica M4P (that I hated, and didn't have long.)

    I have been searching for a light weight system in this digital time. I have experimented. My Sony NEX5 system is gone. My OMD has been with me for over a year. I have had trouble adapting. I had a Nikon 1V1 with3 lenses. However, carrying my N1V1 and OMD bodies and lenses was a burden.

    A convert! I found an Oly E-MP2 being sold for a low low price. Bought it; sold my N1V1 stuff. Now I have the
    * Oly OMD
    * Oly E-MP2
    3 lenses (different choices than others would make; kit zooms and moderate tele zooms.)

    This combination is a joy for me.

    I have much to learn. I don't speak Oly yet. The results are improving. I am learning.

    When I want to minimize risk, I use the little camera body. When I need a viewfinder I use the OMD>love the flexibility of this system.

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    Welcome aboard, Dave!