GX80/85 Manual Clarifications

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    I thought I'd start this thread with the intent to identify inaccuracies or inconsistencies in the user manual (and/or advanced manual) along with the plain English clarifications. Please feel free to add others you may find, even those that may be accurate but just confusing.

    Here's the first one I've found:

    Both the user/advanced manuals imply that setting the "maximum ISO setting" to None permits the camera to set the ISO to whatever it's needed to be (up to 25600, the camera maximum). Actually, this is not true. Setting the maximum to None is the same as setting it to 3200 if you shoot in any of P, A, S, or M. If you want the maximum to be, for example, 25600, you need to set it to that. (Or set it to 12800 if that's the maximum you want, etc.)
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