GX7 with Zeiss 35mm lens and Vello Macrofier

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    I recently bought a Vello Macrofier that allows reverse-mounted digital lenses to be used on a Canon DSLR with automatic aperture and focusing control. I thought it would be interesting to try the accessory on a m4/3rds camera. I adapted the Macrofier using a Kipon EOS-m4/3 adapter attached to a reverse-mounted Zeiss Distagon T* 2/35 FE lens, and attached the outfit to a Panasonic GX7. The results are shown below. The feather is approximately 4" long. The full-size feather and 1:1 magnification images were shot with a PL45 macro lens. The 2:1 magnification was shot with the Vello Macrofier. NOTE: The automatic aperture and focusing control does not work with the GX7 since the Kipon adapter does not permit communication between the body and lens. But, the Kipon adapter allows manual adjustment of the aperture (i.e., There are blades inside the adapter itself).

    Adapted GX7 with Vello Macrofier and Zeiss 35mm lens

    Approximately 0.2X magnification

    Life-size 1:1 magnification

    2X magnification
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