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    It seems like a large share of my GX7 videos are about 2-3 seconds shorter than I expect them to be. It's like the video actually cuts out a couple seconds before I hit the video button to stop. Anyone else experience this? I guess I'm going to have to leave the video running longer than I need to make sure I don't miss the action.
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    I haven't noticed this with my GX7, however the GH3 takes a very few seconds for audio to begin recording when you press the record (I use the shutter button to start and stop recording).

    I edit all video I shoot, putting clips together. So I got in the habit a long time ago of "pre-roll" and "post-roll", insuring I have "trim" room at the beginning and the end of each clip. This allows me to "cut" with the action. I'll typically "pre-roll" for about 5 to 10 seconds before anything really starts and at the end of the "take" I'll leave it running for 5 to 10 seconds after I would ordinarily hit the stop button.

    If you don't care to edit, simply letting the camera run for 4 or 5 seconds more should solve your problem.

    What you're experiencing is likely not a camera problem, it would have more to do with the buffering and writing from the buffer.
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    I've seen this thread before, so you aren't the only one.
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