gx7 depth of field preview question

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  1. westcan

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    Feb 5, 2012
    ok, I can't figure this out, hopefully someone here can help.

    I have had my new gx7 camera 3 weeks now, but have only experimented a little with it. (I work 3 weeks straight and so am not going out shooting). I have read through both manuals, and I would like to know what the difference is between:

    Constant Preview in the Custom Menu - the camera description says this is to "preview the aperture and shutter speed effects on the recorded image"

    Preview Function in the function button settings - I think this is the default function button 5

    Also, the detailed manual says the function button setting will cycle through "no preview" to depth of field or "aperture preview" to shutter effect or "shutter speed preview" as you press the function button (I think). But when I do that, the message I get is "shutter speed effect off" or "shutter speed effect on"

    .......on further review the basic manual says the "Constant Preview in the Custom Menu" is for use in Manual exposure mode....so I guess that is why I see no difference as I haven't tried that mode yet......

    If that is correct, I still have the question about the Preview function in the function button settings.
  2. westcan

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    Feb 5, 2012
    And upon further review, I think I have found the answer to my Preview function button question

    In the detailed manual, it says you will cycle through:

    "Normal recording screen" = no effect of aperture or shutter
    "shutter speed effect on" = aperture effect, or depth of field preview
    "shutter speed effect off" = effects of shutter speed

    To me that makes absolutely no sense, but that is what the manual says! (see page 97 of the detailed manual)

    Please tell me I am wrong
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    Sean Rastsmith
    That is what it does on my G3. Not sure why the Off shows the shutter speed effect, instead of swapping them...
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  4. Ha, lost in translation?

    Would be more straightforward to be labeled:

    Standard View
    Aperture Preview
    Shutter Speed Preview
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  5. Mr. Scruples

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    Oct 21, 2013
    Thanks for digging in to the manual and figuring that out -- I've been wondering how to interpret those settings since I got the camera.

    Nice to know that since I'm only interested in DOF preview and I have no interest in shutter speed effect preview whatsoever, I have had the camera set to show me only the shutter speed effect by setting "shutter speed effect" to OFF. I will now turn the shutter speed effect OFF by setting shutter speed effect to ON. :coco:

    How embarrassing that I didn't think to do that sooner.