GX1 + 20f1.7 rocks.....

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  1. .....to Evanescence :biggrin:


    All at ISO1600 f1.7 with the camera held over my head. I had quite a few blurry photos, and also had some problems with getting focus to lock where I wanted it. (people in front of me waving their hands in the air didn't help, how dare they! :rolleyes:)

    I did find myself wishing for a fast zoom or longer prime to get some closer shots than I could with the 20mm.

    I also did a couple of videos, which I'll see if I can upload when I get a chance. I was pretty impressed with the video quality, apart from the focus being tricked by waving hands, and shaky camera towards the end as my arms got tired. The sound quality in particular was far better than anything I have heard out of any point and shoot or smart phone at a rock concert.
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  2. Iconindustries

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    I didn't know Evanescence were still around, I don't hear them much anymore in Australia. Would've been a pretty intense concert I imagine.:smile:

    You did a good job at capturing the moment, with this picture being my favourite.

    Enjoy your GX1


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  3. They just toured Australia, and finished the tour leg with the show in Auckland. They put a new Album out last year, which has got some really good stuff on it.
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    Excellent photos! I especially liked the first one. It's a great shot of the band itself, and all the smartphones in the foreground looks really cool as well.
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    Very nice :smile:
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