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    when I was looking into solutions to carry my camera with a couple of lenses in my backpack, I came across the f-stop ICUs. I instantly liked the concept of the ICUs (especially in combination with one of their backpacks). However, which size to choose was not such an obvious task - at least to me.

    My requirement was that my E-M5 with attached grip (HLD-6?) should fit into the ICU. Additionally a couple of lenses and some filters. Of course, the ICU should be as small as possible. :) As I couldn't find any pictures with u43 gear of the ICUs, I measured my E-M5 and compared it to the sizes of the various ICUs. Unfortunately, they either were to small or way to big. In the end I went with the slightly to small option - the shallow series. In height it is lacking roughly one centimeter. I figured, however, that the lid is soft and so it will fit anyway.

    So far I am pleases with the small shallow ICU. I can fit my E-M5 with grip and attached Oly 12-40 in as well as a couple of other lenses. Attached are example images. The first one shows the "bump" on the bottom right corner resulting from the to big E-M5. The fourth shows an example as to what gear fits in without a problem: E-M5 with grip and Oly 12-40, Oly 12, Oly 45, Oly 75, Pana 20, Rokino/Samyang 7.5, additional battery, ND filter, polarization filter, remote and not shown in the picture, a grafual ND filter slid into the lid of the ICU.

    Without the battery/portrait part of the grip, the E-M5 will fit like a charm. It also 'fits' vertically - with the same one centimeter over the top as with the grip horizontally.

    I hope this helps someone in their decision.

    PS: Yes, I lost my hot-shoe cover long ago... :)

    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
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    I use the same one. With some effort in placing the dividers, and allowing the flexible sides of the ICU to bend a bit it fits my EM1 with 40-150 pro, EM5 with 12-40 (on the side, so indeed sticking out a bit), the O17 and the O75. The advantage of this one over the pro sized ICU is that the backpack (I use a Guru) has a bit more storage capacity and retains a slender profile.

    ICU Small in Guru
    by Marlof Bregonje, on Flickr
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    ICU = I see you? ???
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    ICU = Internal Camera Unit