Greetings from the Streets of Colorado

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    OK, OK, we probably have more hiking trails in Colorado than streets but I have always been most interested in the social landscape. Street photography, photo journalism, event photography, urban scenes, these are the things that interest me the most.

    I grew up in the harbor area of Baltimore, my father was a fireman on a fire boat in the harbor and I sure got in my share of trouble on those streets. When I reached adulthood I spent the next twenty years outside the U.S., in Europe, Japan, and the Middle East. I settled in Colorado when I returned to the States in 1990. While most of my education and work experience has been technical I have also worked for many years as a crisis line volunteer. I think that experience is what puts me at ease on the streets.

    I generally use a full frame camera but I purchased a GF1 to try street photography with it. I like the smaller format and that people do not take me that seriously with what looks like a point and shoot hanging from my neck. I have been walking around with a 14mm lens and am getting good results. I will post some images soon. Until then, you can see my work at Travels with Charlie.