Greetings from Texas!


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Hello, my name is Scott. I was just recently introduced into photography about a week ago when I made the decision of buying my E-PL1. I am a complete novice and hope too learn from everyone! I have been doing graphics art for a while now and consider myself pretty familiar with Photoshop. I hope to combine these two fields and produce some work of my own.

I also plan on being very active on the forum!

Thanks for reading!


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With your E-PL1 make sure to check Olympus Viewer 2 (released a few weeks ago) for RAW development, it helps.

Enjoy your new camera.


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Hey G'day Scott! I welcome you from Kangaroo land. I'm glad you found this site and I hope to see you around (I've already seen some of your posts:smile:)

I can remember somewhere that you said you were 18, well I'm 20 so it's cool to know that there is another here around my age. I have a GF1 and I love it. Certainly alot better than the point and shoot i had previously. I don't do much pp at all and just some small changes in iphoto occasionally. But i wish i could use Photoshop!!

See ya round anyway,



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Aha, Scott - I had a feeling you had some kind of artistic background! Thanks for stopping in here for your official introduction. You're doing really well with that camera of yours.:thumbup:


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Thank you all for being so welcoming!:smile:
Iconindustries- Yeah, it's nice to see that this site has a diverse age group!