greetings from nyc


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Hi all,

I started shooting with a Pentax K200D DSLR and then moved over to using Pentax z-1 film SLR out of curiosity. Now I've decided to return to digital as a secondary body but feel like the K200D would be too big.

While browsing P&S options, I discovered the larger sensor nex and m4/3 camera systems. Amazon had a great deal on the e-p2 + viewfinder which I could not resist. I'm now eagerly awaiting my first micro 4/3 camera and panasonic 20 mm pancake lens!

While researching the :43: format I stumbled onto mu-43 forums. This site has already been a great help and I'm excited to join the community!


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Welcome and congratulations on your great combo gear!!

have fun with your :43: camera!!

My first camera was my father's Pentax ME super, great memories....



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Welcome, easy.beta! Promise to keep us up-to-date with the arrival of your E-P2 and 20mm, and get prepared to post some photos, too!:wink: