Greetings from Northamptonshire England

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    Hi Everyone,

    Just joined today. I'm already a member over at serious compacts and that site has led me here.

    My main interest is street photography so any camera that can help me improve my shooting gets my interest. My current favoured cams are the Ricoh GRD3 for up close and discrete and the Panasonic GH2 for anything else. My Canon 5D sits at home awaiting a clean and a decision from me about whether I want to keep it or not..

    I have been on quite a journey since I got my first serious camera - a Canon 350D. I was obsessed with resolution, sharpness and noise-free images which led me to the Canon 5D. From there I discovered street photography and learnt that composition and subject and having a camera with you matter far more than IQ. This led me to the Panasonic G1 which I loved and now the GH2. Then I wanted a small discrete camera with little shutter noise and got the LX5. It was a nice camera but I was seeing some great pictures taken with the GRD3 and ended up switching to that camera. Now I like noise!

    Still looking for that perfect camera though - I guess that'll be a lifelong quest..
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    Aug 8, 2011