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    Aug 27, 2011
    Hello Forum,

    My name is Jorge Ledesma and I wanted to introduce myself to this section of forum. I love street photography and I currently shoot with Ricoh GRD III and Nikon D80. Just today, I received my Panny G1 and I'm in the process of acquiring a few legacy lenses and the 20mm 1.7 prime as well.

    I primarily shoot street scenes, street portraits, moments, and just about anything relating to street photography. In my blog, The Decisive Moment, I also host a series of interviews titled "Togs Series" you're more than welcome to have a look. Its an invite series and primarily choose them from Flickr street photography scene and I'll be looking here as well as I'm happy to be joining this community. I've been a silent reader for the past couple of months reading threads, researching, etc, but I wanted to formally say "hello" and that I hope to contribute some street shots to this forum.

    I use Lightroom 3 and Silver Efex Pro 2 to edit my work and I consider myself an enthusiast with a keen addiction to blogging and sharing.

    I'm very active on Flickr as well as my blog and again I hope to active here as well. I dumped my Nikon kit for :43: as I think its better for my street photography style, most likely I'll write a post explaining that journey but that's the premise. Here's my most recent image posted to Flickr and my blog, its got an accompanying narrative which may be of interest here as well as it relates to street photography and general photography over all.

    I hope to learn from all of you and I look forward to the exchanges, a warm hello from Miami, FL.


    Most recent Flickr image


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