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After months of procrastinating and waiting for price drops, I finally just received my E-PL1 in the mail. I also purchased a used G1 for the lens (a bargain at $420!), which I will probably keep for the articulated screen and EVF (I sold the E-PL1 kit lens). But I do most of my shooting with the E-PL1. Love IBIS, the compact size, and the many options in the menu:smile:

My equipment: E-PL1, G1, panasonic 20mm, panasonic 14-45mm, and the incredible 9-18mm lens. Use the G1 for macro and people shots (due to the autofocus speed and articulated screen), and the E-PL1 for travel photography. Ibis works great in museums and churches, where you don't have to contend with subject movement! I'm thinking of taking the G1 along in the future as a second body in order to avoid changing lenses, but I'm wary of having to carry around the extra equipment.

I'm an amateur. No studio photography, but lots of landscape and architecture shooting, and I love shooting people as well.

Oh and I also study law on the side. Errr I mean the other way around!

Have read many comments on this forum, and look forward to participating!

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Roger, you've hit the ground running now! Congrats on your camera and lenses, and please post some of your photographs soon - when you're not studying your law books.:biggrin: