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  1. Back when I was shooting with first the E-PL1 and then the E-PM1, I really enjoyed this site. There was good, practical information, and a spirit of give-and-take that seemed to be missing from so many online photography groups.

    For various reasons, I decided to go with something larger in the hands, and moved to a Sony SLT A57 system, some of which I still have. Unfortunately, I traded in most of my Olympus material in order to make that move. A brief experimentation with an open-box Sony NEX-6 followed, but I sold it for nearly what I paid for it. The photos were fine, but the shooting experience was not what I wanted. Nor were the available affordable lenses, nor the menu system. The A57 produces good photos, but to move into quality lenses will take more than I want to do, to say nothing of the bulk and weight.

    After much consideration and soul searching about what I really wanted to do with photography (including a long look at Fujifilm), I realized what I needed to do. I understood what body I wanted to use, and what lenses I wanted to put with it. So it is that I have a "brand new refurbished" OM-D EM-1, and an "equally new, equally refurbished" 14-42 EZ lens on it. It has to be an odd combination. Why take the largest Olympus body and pair it with such a small lens? First, I will use it for all it's worth. Then, as cash becomes available, I will give it a 12-40/2.8, and a moderately priced telephoto zoom, perhaps even a wide-normal prime.

    I love the EM-1. It reminds me of the Olympus OMs (1 & 2) that I used back in the day, more than any other camera I've had in my hands since. And the Olympus lenses have remained true to the reputation they had back then, too.

    It's good to be back!
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    Welcome back!
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