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    Dec 22, 2010
    I've been lurking this forums for a couple of months now, feeding my brain with info, and now that I finally got my camera EPL-1 I decided to speak up and say thanks to you all for the help I got.

    I used to shoot full manual 35mm film way back on my dad's 70's Chinon, but somewhere between filmschool, rock and roll and "grown up" life stuff, still photography was lost.

    In the 90's Film became too expensive around here for me.
    P&S digital cameras at the time just didn't cut it for my experiments. DSLR was way out of my budget, and since I usually shoot video, my little available budget and time went to camcorder gear, and video. So I stopped shooting stills.

    A fews months ago I was researching :43: for a short film that I'm going to shoot soon, and google brought me here. Reading this forums, has lit a spark that caught me back into photography.

    Now that quality photo and video gear is coming together in small affordable packages, I can have both, and that urge to have my camera with me at all times has returned.
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    eternallurker, on behalf of all the knowledgeable and helpful members here I want to thank you for the compliments re this forum. We're very fortunate to have the members we do. And now you're one of us! Congratulations on your E-PL1 and please promise to post some video links, when you can.

    I really appreciate your taking the time to come on and introduce yourself, too. Welcome!:biggrin: