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    Mar 11, 2013
    Hello everyone :). My name's Pawel. Been here for a while, looking for some informations about m43.
    I've been using Nikon d90 5 years now with primes mainly. Also had a short affair with d700. About couple months ago I started thinking about replacing my gear for something smaller, lighter, but with comparable IQ to my apsc gear. Main reason was that I missed a lot of good pictures opportunity only because I left camera at home due to its size. Also I don't like that feeling when people staring at me or on my gear when doing photography :) it brings to much attention. Another reasons was: better video quality, easy to use for my wife :)
    So, I decided to sell my dslr gear and change the system.
    I was considering couple options: Fuji x-e1- rejected due to its AF, lack of tilt screen, poor video and size.
    Sony nex 6- I really like it, especially build-in evf, grip, video but finally rejected because of the poor lenses choice.
    And finally looked into m43 :) and I thought I found perfect camera system for me :) lens selection is great, I've chosen 14, 20 and 45 as I'm prime shooter and prefer shooting in available light condition, often low light.
    Talking about cameras I really like the OMD because of evf, ibis but rejected it because of the hump and $$$$. So I decided to buy e-pl 5 mainly because it's small, IQ comparable to other cameras, I'll get ibis with primes which is very nice, tiltable 180 screen and very pocketable. I'll probably miss vf but there is also nice selection of evfs in case I need it :) Now I'm waiting for MY e-pl5 to be delivered :happy: and looking into new horizons in my photohobbygraphy:)
    Oh,btw mainly I shoot portraits and landscapes :) cheers
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    Welcome to the forum! Post some photos for us to see. :smile:
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    Pawel, welcome aboard!