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Discussion in 'Olympus Cameras' started by Robert Watcher, Apr 27, 2015.

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    Some photographers here, may be like myself - - - for several years, I have loved the use of Olympus' Grainy Black and White setting - but all I ever did was select that Art 5 filter without any consideration to there also being customization available for it. For anyone wondering how to find them, here is how you can set the option for the normal contrasty black and white setting or a lower contrast setting.

    In the Art Filter Menu, with "Art 5" in focus, click the right arrow and the first submenu should have a I and a II. I is for contrasty and II is lower contrast. The differences are subtle but significant. This customization menu also allows for a film edge and colour filter adjustments as well.

    I'm having my morning coffee, so just set my camera on my laptop to snag these 2 shots of each config. You can recognize in the doorway at the back, how the lower contrast setting has so much more detail. I like the contrasty setting (top) for a lot of the work that I shoot with the Grainy Black and White, but it's nice to have an option of lower contrast (bottom) depending on the content.



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