Got a mu4/3 thumbs up from a professional photographer!


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May 27, 2010
We been down here in Disney World all week, the trip being the reason I bought the E-P1 (well, that and the nice casino win that allowed me to pay for it). Anyhow, there are a lot of DSLRs, which is cool, and there are a lot of P&Ss and phone cameras, and video cameras, and that is cool, too; cameras are cool. I spent about 85% of the trip with the 14-42, but I went out today with the 17; you wouldn't think a couple ounces would make a difference, but where they are, sticking out from the end of the camera, count; the 17mm is so much more comfortable! But I love the versatility of the 14-42, and there are very few vacation moments that require f/2.8. I'll take the few extra ounces and the 14-42, for that type of photography.

But on to my story; one place where f/2.8 is useful is indoors, and we went to a "character meal", indoors where Cinderella and Prince Charming and... well, you know. And of course they take everyones' pictures, and then bring them around and try to sell them, which I don't have a problem with; heck, we bought the picture. Anyhow, as we were leaving, one of the young photographers, he was maybe 20-21 years old and from Mexico (according to his tag), pointed at my E-P1 and said, "Oh, man,", and started miming heartbeats! So I laughed, and he asked me about it, and I gave him a quick tour of the advantages; the quick and quiet shutter, the small size and light weight, the ease of accessibility to major functions (including my favorite, setting to A and using exposure compensation), the image quality, especially color fidelity in jpegs; I also gave him the downside; 3fps won't cut it in sports, some stuff is buried, the sequential scrolling of the "info" button. And of course, I talked about how much fun it is to use, how it puts joy back into capturing images, how you can walk down the street with a camera and no one gets all whack on you. And I took off the lens, and showed the sensor, one of the guys did a little double take, you could see him instantly "get it". And the young guy, he was telling his coworkers about m4/3, how the movement toward the format is gaining momentum.

And you know, that was kind of nice. Because micro 4/3 is still under the radar for a lot of people; the P&S people are still shopping in the megapixel-for-the-dollar wars, and the DSLR people have too much money invested in equipment to see where the new format fits (it is NOT competing with DSLRs). It was good to see awareness on the street, that some photographers are paying attention.

I am just so happy with this camera. If it'd come out before I bought my first DSLR, I would never have owned a DSLR. Not because the formats are pitted against each other, but because I needed a different set of compromises than DSLRs offer; I needed the set offered by m4/3, and I'll bet a lot of other photographers do, too.

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