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    I started my photographic journey in the film era using a wide variety of cameras all the way from a black and white Polaroid Swinger and on through Canon, Pentax, and Nikon 35mm on to Hasselblad and Linhof Technica 4x5.

    I re-entered the photographic world after a hiatus of several years with a Minolta 4mp point and shoot. I have since owned mostly Olympus 43rds and Micro Four Thirds cameras and accessories.

    I have read with interest over the years in many forums across the 'net about evolving camera systems and technologies. I have hemmed and hawed about ISO noise levels, limited dynamic range, color accuracy, and many other areas which affect the relative quality of what any given camera can produce. I have waited for a camera format that is convenient for me to carry and not be burdened by too much weight and bulk. I have lamented especially over the DR and noise levels with cameras I have used.

    I have now owned an Olympus E-P5 for several months and I am finally able to use my camera in a wide range of settings without reservation. The DR and noise levels are amazing. The out of camera jpegs are fabulous when I use a one touch white balance custom setting in differing lighting conditions. The camera allows for a wide range of customization and I have many presets and buttons assigned that allow me to use the camera fluidly in the field as an extension of my photographic personality and style.

    I am visiting forums online a lot less frequently because I am taking more pictures and not interested in bantering ad infinitum about how good or bad a particular new camera is.

    My sense is that Panasonic and Olympus have truly "arrived" with the sensor and feature sets we have available today. I won't be wanting another camera body until my E-P5 simply wears out and my backup E-PL5 needs a new replacement.

    My GAS is gone. And now...time to go out and invest my time in the photographic craft.

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