Gone fishing: M.Zuiko 40-150mm/f4.0-5.6

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    M.Zuiko ED 40-150mm native m4/3rds lens on E-PL1, put on AF. Subject swimming around (a bit too) happily in a 450L South Indian biotope tank. Lighting was the Metz 15 MS-1 wireless ring flash placed face down on a frosted glass overhead platform, wirelessly triggered by the E-PL1 built-in flash.

    The subject was given to me as "Puntius Exclamatio" -- supposedly different from Puntius Mahecola / Puntius Filamentosus. This is a barb endemic to just a couple rivers in Southern India. The body markings -- one spot in the middle and one longish patch near the tail -- are supposed to look together like an exclamation mark, hence the taxonomic name.

    Some experts seem to disregard it as a separate species, they think it is a natural hybrid of two different species. These are very, very rare to find.

    Puntius Exclamatio (adult male) in full breeding coloration


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    Don't see these too often in the LFS. Looks similar to the gold barb in appearance.