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    Aug 9, 2013
    A while back I purchased a Panasonic G3 at a "close out" price as a "fun" camera to complement my "serious" camera.

    The G3 with the kit lens was capable and I subsequently enjoyed using it with the Sigma 19 and 30 mm lenses that I acquired. I then purchased an adapter that allowed me to use my wife's Canon FD 50 mm lens that allowed me to take some great party photos.

    Yet another adapter for my Canon EFS 10-22 mm lens is opening new opportunities.

    The Sigma lenses allowed me full auto operation. The FD adapter was full auto except with manual aperture but the EFS lens doesn't even have a manual aperture control. This is of little consequence for daytime photos.

    The attached photo was at 10 mm (20 mm effective) and the lens is larger than the camera.

    I am now pretty much of the opinion that digital cameras have evolved to the point that the lens is all that counts. If only Moore's law applied to optics.

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    Beautiful - crisp and bright with great color and contrast. :thumbup:
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    The EF-S lenses remain wide open with no aperture control. But there is a way to use them at smaller apertures. With the lens mounted on a Canon body, in M(anual) mode select the desired aperture, then depress and hold the DOF prevue button while you depress the lens "unlock" button and while still holding the DOF prevue button twist and remove the lens.

    The aperture now remains at the last "set" value until remounted on the Canon body.

    A bit "clunky" and "fiddly" but it does work.
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    This is what you need :)

    Amazon.com: Customer Reviews: Kipon EOS-m4/3 Canon EOS to Micro Four Thirds Lens Adapter w/ Aperture Control

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    thats really a superb thing to do up here, i am really surprised to see it up here, thanks fro sharing this with us....