Going to Austin Texas Next week.

Discussion in 'Open Discussion' started by GBarrington, Apr 11, 2015.

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    with at least one day trip to San Antonio. I've found those "What to do in" type web sites next to useless. It seems they ONLY offer museums, restaurants, shopping, and events either 6 months in the future or 6 months in the past. I've been to the Alamo and the canal area in S.A.

    I'd like to hear of events or places, if any for some photography. I like street, architectural, historical, city scapes, and landscapes. I will be with my wife in San Antoinio (she is not a photographer). I intend to leave my wife with the Grand kids at least one day in Austin.

    Any advice would be appreciated
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    Austin is a great place for photography - especially street. Downtown isn't huge, so my advice would be just to wander around and enjoy. 6th Street at dusk/early evening is superb. You can see some shots I took there here:


    San Antonio is a bit "twee" for my liking and very touristy. YMMV!!
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    You can take a lot of touristy pics of cows and cowboys. I found that I used a longer lens, well, long for me, to focus on faces, etc., rather than broad shots. It is touristy but we enjoyed our visit a couple of years ago. As pdk42 said, downtown Austin isn't very big, we just parked and walked around.
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    I love the architecture in SA, but other than the riverwalk/Alamo area there isn't much to hit. Heading north to Austin you can stop in New Braunfels and make your way around to Gruene Hall. It's a very small area, but quaint. You may recognize it from a ton of car and truck commercials. Check ahead and you may find a good band playing which would make for great candid stuff.

    Once in Austin crab a Chronicle to see what festivals and such are going on. Congress bridge at dusk is when people gather to see the millions of bats leave for their nightly feeding. The bridge spans over Lady Bird lake, which has a jogging path that will walk you into Zilker Park. Lots of great vantage points to shoot Downtown from. Since you'll be driving I also recommend Ladybird Johnson's wild flower center. It has great architecture and flowers galore in spring. Spend a few hours there, then head up 360 to the 360 bridge. You'll want to go over the bridge and take a U-Turn and park off the road along the cliffs 40 -50 yds from the bridge. There you'll see a well worn path to take a short hike up the cliffs for a stunning view of Lake Austin and the 360 bridge. Heading back north on 360 you can take 2222 back toward town. While on your way, GPS Mount Bonnell. It's a great park that takes you up to a nice vantage. You can google all this for sample images. Make a stop at the state capitol, it's really impressive. I think the better street photography is up Guadalupe in the UT area called The Drag. Actually walk onto UT campus for some great opportunities for people and architecture.

    If I think of more I'll let you know, but that's a pretty full day. Speaking of full, hit Austin on an empty stomach and hit a few local restaurants. Much better food scene than SA...
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