Goats of the Enchatments.

Discussion in 'Nature' started by MRM, Sep 14, 2016.

  1. MRM

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    Jun 9, 2013
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    Last week I was lucky enough to hike and camp in the Enchantments region in Wasington state. I brought with me my EPM-2 and the 9-18 and 40-150 non pro. There were some awesome goats in Aasgard pass that I want to share.
    P1010505.jpg P1010509.jpg P1010485.jpg P1010453.jpg
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  2. Giiba

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    Aug 19, 2016
    New Westminster, BC
    Amazing, mtn goats can be super elusive. You must have been reasonably close.
  3. MRM

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    Jun 9, 2013
    Seattle, WA
    We saw 3 sets of mothers and kids in 2 hours. They don't seem to mind people as they wernt avoiding us. The first 3 were taken while we were eating lunch and the other while we were climbing into the pass. While we were eating two came within 15 feet of us to snack themselves on a bush.
    If your interested here is my Flickr album of more goat pics from the trip.
  4. PacNWMike

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    Dec 5, 2014
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    The goats are now accustomed to humans and can be anywhere from annoying to very dangerous, and recently even deadly. Look at those horns! There is heavy use in the 'Chants. The goats seek out salt from sweaty hikers, packs, urine etc. and are very bold. I would recommend extreme caution. They are NOT tame. There are plenty of rocks up there, don't be afraid of using them ;)
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    Don't get my goat!

    Great shots, especially number 1.
  6. Nice work, I went looking for goats locally and I saw nada.