Go home drone... You're drunk!


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Nov 15, 2013
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Jan 9, 2013
Zagreb, Croatia
A friend of mine used to work for a company that sold the Parrot drone so i had the chance to fly them for a little while. And by "fly" i mean "frantically chasing the drone in order for my phone to catch the wifi signal and press the emergency shutdown".

Everything started out fine, having fun flying it with 6meters height limitation. Then Skynet took over and the drone went away in one direction rising up to 20m. Almost went inside a flat with an open window (i checked later and it was 9th floor). Then it went in another direction, me and my friend having absolutely no control over it. Que Benny Hill theme song. Drone first, me and my friend after it, and around 20 kids following us, laughing at us like madmen with neighbouring old ladies shaking their heads.

For a second, it caught the signal from the phone while i was pressing the shutdown. I expected a nice clean landing in a form of a falling leaf. It fell down like a sack of potatoes, breaking the drone in 17-18 pieces. My friend glued it together and it worked but i was afraid of ever flying it again, being that it was around 350-400$ in Croatia, like 40% of the average monthly salary.

Later i found out that the first version of the drone had some issues (shocking), that cause them to brake away from their height limitation and no shutdown after it got out of reach of the wifi signal from phone and it often flew away (google parrot drone flyaway, plenty of results), people finding the machine several miles away.
Presumably they fixed the second version of the Drone.

Friends company continued to sell the machines, without installing the new version of the firmware, and without warning people. Go marketing!

TL; DR: Those things are rather expensive toys, and people often can't control them with their phone, causing them to lose it and/or cause material damage.


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Sep 7, 2013
Christchurch, New Zealand
The nicer models are all self-hovering, and will lower themselves to just above ground level if they lose signal. Flying them over death pits just seems stupid, as you can't possibly retrieve it...

When I was in China recently, I saw a western tourist get out his UAV to take footage. The whole exercise seemed surreal, and a bit disrespectful somehow, with the noisy drone buzzing the peaceful temple complex.
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