GM1 + Industar-26M (LSM) 11 images.

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    Aug 13, 2012
    Industar-26M on GM1 is a 50mm F2.8 Rangefinder lens, equal to a 100mm at 35mm terms. It is derived from Elmar 50/2.8, which in turn is a Tessar design. It is a tele with cleaner image than my Jupiter-8. The result image is more modern.


    My copy was given to me for free from another lens lover, it worth about $10. It is a typical model (PT4330). An aluminium barrel with well dampen focus and aperture rings. 10 rounded blade diaphragm, no click stop. Great handling in operation.

    The lens is sharper than the J-8 I own. Edges well defined at F2.8. It produce good quality image. I am told that the edge sharpest is not as good, but for M43 user we only care about the middle crop which is the best part of this lens. I think I must have a good copy.


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