GM1, 12-32 questions?

Discussion in 'Panasonic Cameras' started by SkiHound, Dec 20, 2014.

  1. SkiHound

    SkiHound Mu-43 Veteran

    Jan 28, 2012
    I have an LX5 that I've used as a pocket camera for several years. Use it quite a bit when skiing. It's getting pretty beat up and I've been looking to upgrade. Everything I've looked at has issues or prices that have kept me from upgrading. I'm seeing the GM1 w 12-32 for about $497 and it's tempting. Questions/concerns: What steps do you have to do to take the camera out of a pocket, get it turned on, get the lens extended, and then reverse the process? I'm kind of concerned with fiddling around with it in the cold and probably wearing liner gloves. I would probably get one of the JJC automatic opening lens caps, cause I can't see myself dealing well with lens caps when skiing. Anyone have any experience with that kind of automatic lens cap? And would it work with filters? I also hear it's very easy to press the 4-way controller when trying to turn the dial. For a lot of stuff I'd pretty much put it in Aperture priority, probably dial in a little exposure compensation, and shoot away. So not very concerned about those kind of handling issues with this camera. That said, if settings are getting changed everytime I put it in and out of my pocket, I'll get frustrated. I'm also concerned about relying on the LCD since I have old eyes that don't see well up close, but that's something I'm just going to have to either decide is OK or bite the bullet for a camera with EVF. Would probably also use the camera with my 17 and 45, but this would be an adjunct to an E-M5. Thanks.
  2. bg2b

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    Dec 22, 2009
    Berkeley Heights, NJ
    I've got one with the Olympus auto cap. From pocket to shooting involves flicking the ON switch and turning the zoom ring from the retracted position, which seems pretty quick. I had an old LX3 once and with the lens extension it probably took longer to get that ready to shoot than it does with the GM1. I don't see how a filter would attach with the Olympus cap. The 4-way controller would probably be tricky with gloves unless they're very thin. You might have more luck with the touch interface if you've got gloves with tips that can activate a capacitive touch screen. When you carry the camera in a pocket, you probably won't change the settings. The only things you can possibly bump are the flash release button, the AF selector, the on-off switch, and the mode dial. All are pretty stiff and aren't likely operate accidentally when going into and out of a pocket.
  3. D MATIC

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    Jul 18, 2012
    When you turn on the camera and if the 12-32 is in the pancake position (closed), it will tell you to extend the lens. I found it annoying in the beginning because I was used to just turning on a camera and shooting. But it's better this way as it doesn't use battery to extend and after a while you get used to it.

    I find the scroll wheel to be fine. But there are few people who find it impossible to use, which I have a hard time believing. They claim that when you spin the wheel, it always "accidentally" presses a button. And that the one on the rx100 is so much better. I have both cameras, and I find them to perform the same. I wonder if they have a defective camera.

    Note that the GM1 does not have a ISO button, which I also find annoying. You have access the ISO in the Q menu. I also dont find it "that" pocketable. The GM1 is tiny, but with lenses it's chunky. Height-wise, it's too short and there is no real advantage for it to be short because its harder to hold. The updated GM5 is taller and it doesnt make the camera any less pocketable. With the pancake lens, the LX100 is almost the same thickness.
  4. tortau

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    Aug 17, 2014
    Waterloo, Canada
    I'm one of the few who dislikes the whole "extend the lens" notice. I still can't get used to it.

    The scroll wheel is also a problem because I'm usually in Aperture mode and for some reason, I can never change the aperture easily no matter how I turn the scroll wheel. It keeps changing the exposure or shutter speed for some reason. Drives me crazy.

    But its portability is still why I keep the little guy around...
  5. ManofKent

    ManofKent Hopefully still learning

    Dec 26, 2014
    Faversham, Kent, UK
    I'm finding the extend the lens system 'okay' on my newly acquired kit, and I suspect if I used the 12-32 most of the time it would become automatic, but I'm swapping primes around...

    I find the scroll wheel fine but I turn it with a finger nail - in gloves it could be a problem.

    I liked mine enough to almost instantly pick up a second body.
  6. norman

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    Jan 22, 2014
    Corby, Northants, England
    Norman Shearer
    I bought the GM1 with 12-32mm zoom with the intention of selling the zoom to help offset the cost of the body. Turns out I really like the zoom but not the camera so now I'm selling the body and keeping the lens for my GX7.

    The lens outresolves the classic 14-45mm from panasonic and the 14mm F2.5 prime. I'm not usually a fan of zoom lenses and rarely use them but I'll use this lens a lot. The 12mm is great for street work and I'll use the zoom when I want a compact walkabout lens. The only criticism I can think of is it can be prone to a bit of flare at times.

    What didn't I like about the GM1. Well having the GX7 meant I had to pick one or the other and the GX7 is just so much better. The lack of buttons and small size made the GM1 a pain in comparison.
  7. budeny

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    Mar 4, 2014
    Boulder, CO
    I just ordered JJC cap for 12-32mm for very same reasons - I want to deal with camera without removing gloves on winter outings. I wonder if this cap will also let me use CPL filter too.

    UPDATE: I got the JJC cap yesterday and it works just great (and costs only $15 on Amazon prime). It also allows usage of standard sized UV filter (B+W F-Pro) or slim CPL one.
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