GH3 for wildlife?


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Hey guys!

So I purchased my GH3 back in Oct. primarily for video use. However it is also being used as my everyday camera. What I find myself doing quite a bit is shooting wildlife. Since I do not have the cash to get a full frame system (sort of waiting for Sony to get the bugs out of there A7 line) I need to make what I have work the best I can.

Currently I have a few Olympus lenses for it. M. Zuiko 17mm f1.8, 25mm f1.8 and the 45mm f1.8... (I want the 75mm) :)

So this set up great for video because I have tack sharp lenses that are typically used on a tripod or my heavy shoulder rig. However, shooting handheld with no image stabilization means the images aren't quite there. I also don't have the reach I need for those distance shots. Should I use Panasonic telephoto lenses, purchase an adapter for full frame lenses and carry my monopod for stability? (I have some Nikkor AIS primes) What would you guys do?

So here are three different images I took a couple days ago. For the turtle the camera was supported by the road, the moose was handheld, and the coyote image was partially supported with a tree. All three images are jpeg straight from the camera. The moose and coyote are cropped.





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The camera is set to take both. I just wasn't going to post the 18mb files to the board... So no recommendations for telephoto imaging.

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I would use Panasonic OIS telephotos in accordance with need, and not bother with the Nikkors on this camera.


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My favorite long telephoto is the Nikon 300/4.5 Ai.



Mounted on a good tripod this lens yields great images. A plus for me is I only paid $150 for this lightly used lens.